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The Network Information Center of Xi’an Jiaotong University was established on the basis of the original computing center in 1996. It is responsible for the construction, management of network, level of information construction, service of basic network "expansion speed", implement of the sharing and service of information data, statistical analysis of all kinds of education data, construction of information business systems covering the core of XJTU, construction of high performance computing center and cloud service platform, network public opinion monitoring and research and other work of XJTU. The center provides security and stability for the campus.

The center has five departments including Office of  Statistics and General Affairs, Network Operations Department, Research and Development Department, Information Management Department, Service Training Department. Also, Northwest Regional Network Center of CERNET is located in Network Information Center, which mainly provides Internet access and other services for northwestern universities and research institutes. The center also undertakes the work of branch center of International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology under the  Auspices of UNESCO, Shaanxi Province Higher Education Data Center, construction of MOOC Platform of Shaanxi Province and other information services.

Office of Statistics and General Affairs

1.      Responsible for internal administrative services, document delivery and disposal, external approach, financial management, asset management, and partner assistance for the public.

2.      Responsible for the collection, analysis and reporting of education statistics.

Network Operations Department

1.      Responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of digital campus infrastructure such as campus network infrastructure and smart classrooms, including backbone network, export bandwidth and machine room construction.

2.      Responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of digital campus infrastructure such as campus network infrastructure and smart classrooms, including backbone network, export bandwidth and machine room construction.

3.      Responsible for the construction operation and maintenance of campus card and school-level public high performance computing service platform.

Research and Development Department

1.      Responsible for the construction and operation of digital campus platform, core database, data exchange platform.

2.      Responsible for the collection of school data and the construction of various repository.

3.      Responsible for the planning, construction and operation of all kinds of information systems.

Information Management Department

1.      Responsible for the construction, maintenance and daily guarantee of the school's home and English homepage.

2.      Responsible for the special work of the school network public opinion management and the report of all kinds of public opinion information.

3.      Providing information services for leaders of XJTU.

4.      Responsible for the construction of school network information security system, standard certification and risk assessment.

5.      Responsible for the administration of the special work of informatization services.

Service Training Department

1.      Responsible for the reception, acceptance and information feedback of campus network and application system external service business.

2.      Providing information training for all teachers and students.

  Northwest Regional Network Center of CERNET

1.      The Xi’an node in northwest China was established in 1994 and covers five provinces in northwest China, including Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia Hui autonomous region and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

2.      Responsible for education and research of computer network in the northwest region, all access to the school's campus network and scientific research departments, and construction, operation management and maintenance of China education research network connectivity.

3.      Providing a comprehensive operation guarantee and technical support for the construction of regional node.

4.      Operating and managing Shaanxi Xi'an education network.

5.      Involved in the construction of the next generation Internet, for more college campus network IPv6 technology upgrading, CERNET2 construction, CNGI trial business system and major application demonstration projects to provide network infrastructure platform and access.

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